How gullible are we?

A friend in Alabama — retired from a union job — emailed me about his frustration with Michigan’s adoption of a “right-to-work” law. Here’s my intemperate response.

Michigan is depressing. More so because it’s Alabama’s fault. We’re getting all the auto manufacturers because we’re a right-to-work state. Michigan has little choice but to follow suit. As usual, voters are pushing themselves out of the middle class. Corporate shareholders love it. They sit back saying, “Unions are the enemy,” or “Government is the enemy,” or “Hispanics are the enemy,” and we fall for it every time. And as we yell at all our make-believe enemies, our wages drop, our pensions disappear and the shareholders get even wealthier. Wisely, the shareholders (aka “job creators”) make sure they invest a portion of their profits into docile politicians who are good at making sure we blame everyone but the culprits.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.


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