The problem with two parties

The problem with two-party debates was evident Monday.
Despite an aggressive tone, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney agreed with almost everything President Barack Obama has done. This came as a surprise to some of Romney’s supporters, who had not previously heard him cozying up to Pakistan and proposing U.S. investment in programs designed to improve the economic prospects of the Arab world.
The candidates did not even pretend to disagree on critical issues of foreign policy.
Should the president have the power to authorize drone attacks aimed at suspected terrorists in other countries? Should he have that power even when the target is a U.S. citizen?
Is America too close to Israel, giving it the ability to drag U.S. soldiers into a premature war with Iran?
Is it time to shut down Guantanamo Bay detention camp?
The only input Americans have on these issues comes when they vote for a candidate. When there are only two candidates and they agree with each other, voters have no voice at all.

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