More tax money for lawyers

Even as Gov. Robert Bentley moans about Alabama’s budgetary woes, he announced Monday the state would petition the 11th U.S. Circuit Court to reconsider the ruling that struck down much of the state’s immigration law.
“We are filing this based on principle,” Bentley said, a particularly odd statement given that he pushed the Legislature to eliminate some of the same portions of the law that the 11th Circuit found to be unconstitutional.
The state Attorney General has handled the protracted litigation with in-house lawyers. That makes it easy for the state to claim it cannot track the cost of the litigation, but it does not make it inexpensive.
Over and over, Bentley and other elected officials have warned of the disastrous cuts they may have to make in fiscal 2013. The first thing they should have cut was the legal defense of ill-conceived laws like this one.,102440


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