A sad walk in Decatur

More than 200 people took a walk in Decatur on Saturday.
Most were Hispanic. Included among them were successful business owners and minimum-wage laborers. Some pushed babies in strollers.
Several were students, ranging from mediocre to Decatur’s finest. Most were Christians. Some were undocumented immigrants. All believed in this state’s potential as a land of opportunity.
To call the assembly a march or a protest would be inaccurate. The group was not pointing to the U.S. Constitution as a source of rights. They were not angry or violent.
A few were hopeful, believing in spite of the evidence that Alabama would embrace them. Many were sad.
Their Saturday stroll was a quiet proclamation that they, too, are human.
For some onlookers, their presence raised a difficult question: Do we have more in common with these people, or with the Legislators who are using our votes and our tax dollars to chase them away?
One little girl held up a sign that read, “One Family — One Alabama.”
The immigration law our Legislature passed almost a year ago has done great damage not just to the little girl, but to the state which she continues to love.


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