Politics beats out health

Here are two facts that cannot be reconciled:
One: Alabama has the highest rate of diabetes of any state in the nation.
Two: Most of Alabama’s representatives in the U.S. House — including both in North Alabama — voted to repeal a fund that would prevent and treat diabetes.
The party-line vote was part of the politically charged debate over student-loan interest rates. Democrats are playing their own games on the issue. The Republican game was to pass a bill keeping student-loan rates low, but to pay for it by repealing a portion of the Affordable Care Act.
Voting for the bill might have made sense for a representative from, say, Vermont, which has a low rate of diabetes.
When Alabama representatives supported the bill, though, they were choosing party loyalty over the health of their constituents.
Diabetes — a preventable disease — kills. It also leads to cardiovascular disease, strokes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, blindness and amputations.
Alabama does not have the money to treat its diabetic residents. Nor can it afford the even more expensive proposition of treating the debilitating conditions that result from untreated diabetes.
The Prevention and Public Health Fund that the House voted to end practically has Alabama in its title. In effect, it is a gift from wealthier states with lower preventable-disease rates to the people of Alabama. Our representatives in the House shunned the desperately needed assistance for partisan reasons.
Maybe our representatives wish they were from Vermont, but they need to grasp the realities of Alabama. We have the highest incidence of diabetes in the nation, and neither our state nor our people have the resources to deal with it.


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  1. I’m diabetic, have been for some time, and have some of those debilitating conditions Eric mentioned. I have these conditions because of too-extended self-denial, not lack of money for treatment or remediation. I’m an Alabamian, too, and have been for a lot longer than I’ve been a diabetic. So I’m not at all surprised what MoBro and Aderholt, the two congressthings from N. Alabama, did on this issue. Do they lack shame, reason, or consiousness? I was just stupid. Is that their problem, too?

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