Another shackle on public schools

A bill that mandates the start date of public schools goes to a state Senate committee today. The committee, chaired by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, should reject the bill.
The contentious debate in Montgomery over charter schools has revealed a surprising area of complete agreement: State laws have limited public schools in their ability to offer innovative solutions. Legislators, school boards, teachers and parents recognize that in session after session, the Legislature has shackled teachers and school systems in their ability to tailor education to the needs of the students.
Senate Bill 517 prevents schools from starting classes more than two weeks before Labor Day or ending them after Memorial Day. Many students and parents like this idea, and all elected school boards have the ability to implement such a calendar. Some have and some have not, based on the unique needs and goals of each school district.
SB 517 once again removes flexibility from local school systems. It imposes a top-down solution that prevents those closest to the situation from addressing the needs of their students.


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Filed under Alabama politics, charter schools, education, Government regulation

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