Paying for Strange political games

Alabama took the lead last week with another of our incessant, taxpayer-financed attacks on the federal government.

State Attorney General Luther Strange filed papers seeking to join a lawsuit filed by EWTN Global Catholic Network. The suit challenges a federal requirement that would force religious-affiliated institutions to include contraception coverage in health insurance.

The coverage requirement of course helps women. Almost all sexually active women — including Catholics — use contraception for birth control and for other medical purposes. On a demographic level, Strange’s decision is odd in a state whose population is 52 percent female and only 13 percent Catholic.

It is even more peculiar given that President Barack Obama already has said he will not require employers like EWTN to pay directly for contraception.

This accommodation is not enough, argues EWTN, because their premiums may indirectly pay for the contraception their employees use.

We hate to break it to EWTN and other Catholic institutions, but many already are paying for contraception. If they are paying premiums to an insurer that offers contraception coverage to some of its insureds — as most do — then they are contributing to the cost. That’s how insurance works.

We suspect Strange is trying to boost his conservative credentials. The attorney general blocked enforcement of unconstitutional portions of the state’s immigration law, and he has taken a beating for his courage.

Strange is financing his anti-Obama political grandstanding with our taxes. If he has idle staff members, we wish he would engage them in prosecuting crime, not in endless and futile onslaughts on the federal government.


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One response to “Paying for Strange political games

  1. Strange.
    The elite overreached. Now taxpayers are paying for it.
    Four years ago, every taxpayer owed $100,000 …. Now each taxpayer owes $200,000. Four brutal years.
    The angry elite made a mistake. Maybe just maybe, we cannot afford another year.
    Do you think we can afford another year?

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