Our march backward

Hundreds of people completed a 50-mile march to the state Capitol last week, protesting a less-noble march by the Alabama Legislature.

With the passage of an illegal immigration law, the Legislature marched Alabama backward 50 years. It returned the state to a time when a person’s color was justification enough for mistreatment. It communicated to Alabamians and to the world that the U.S. Constitution is dispensable when it interferes with partisan goals.

In the process, our elected representatives convinced people all over the world that the ugliest parts of Alabama’s past are also its present.

The damage the law has done to the state’s economy is minor compared to what it has done to our dignity.

Amending the law might help it pass the scrutiny of the courts that have preliminarily blocked enforcement of most of its mandates. Only repeal, however, will help to erase the stigma.


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