The Bible as political weapon

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s efforts to use religion to attack President Barack Obama are disturbing.
In his most recent sermonizing, Santorum said Obama’s actions are based on “some phony theology, not a theology based on the Bible.”
Santorum uses the language of religion to condemn Obama’s effort to increase access to contraceptives, an odd approach given the importance of contraception in preventing the unwanted pregnancies that often lead to abortion.
Providing women with access to prenatal tests also falls outside Santorum’s narrow view of what’s theologically proper because, he theorizes, the results of those tests sometimes encourage women to have an abortion.
An emphasis on the environment by Obama also falls short of Santorum’s reading of the Bible, as the candidate says it “elevates the Earth above man.”
Judging political opponents as being theologically deficient is nothing new. It’s all the rage in Iran right now as hard-line theocrats try to squelch calls for peace by the less enlightened rabble.
Can Santorum make the strategy work against a president whose alleged sins are providing health-care to the poor and improving our stewardship of the Earth?


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