Alabama feisty but dependent

The political rhetoric and financial realities of Alabama are frequently at odds, but never more so than when the economy struggles.
We resent the federal government politically while depending on it financially.
The resentment permeates state politics. Our elected officials campaign less on state solutions than on anti-federal rhetoric. Our Legislature — confronted with enormous problems that range from inadequate revenue to public corruption to generational poverty — spends much of its time drafting and passing bills with no purpose other than feeding the anti-Washington mania.
All the while, the people of Alabama receive more federal funding than they pay out in taxes. In Morgan County, one-fifth of the average resident’s income comes from the entitlement programs that we are busy attacking politically.
There may come a time when Alabama is so good at taking care of its own problems that it can, without hypocrisy, complain about federal spending aimed at alleviating poverty. This is not the time.
The taxpayers of other states are stuck with the task of helping to care for the neediest Alabamians. They are paying for the task because we have failed. That makes our political rants about federal intrusions on state sovereignty ring hollow.


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One response to “Alabama feisty but dependent

  1. Yes, but are we talking social entitlements? Don’t doubt for a second that a lot of Alabamians–at least of the white, middle- to upper-class variety–would do away with those if they could.

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