‘I could do his job better’

Candidates go to lots of trouble to get elected, but they never seem to want the posts they get.
U.S. Reps. Mo Brooks and Robert Aderholt, Republicans of Huntsville and Haleyville, are joining the state’s First Lady for a rally against abortion. Their positions against abortion are reasonable, but neither Brooks nor Aderholt have anything to do with the issue. They are not Supreme Court justices, who determine the constitutionality of laws intended to restrict abortion. They are not the president, who appoints such justices. They are not even senators, who must confirm the president’s nominations.
They’re messing with an issue that is totally outside their job descriptions at a time when Congress has the lowest ratings in history because it can’t get anything done.
This sort of excursion is commonplace these days.
Alabama’s House Majority Leader, Micky Hammon of Decatur, sponsored an immigration law. He did so despite a U.S. Constitution that leaves immigration issues to the federal government. If he wanted to be in Congress, why did he run for the state House?
Brooks, who did run for Congress, spent much of his rhetoric supporting a state law on immigration.
Gov. Robert Bentley — who ran for governor, as would seem obvious — spends much of his time weighing in on federal healthcare issues, federal immigration issues and abortion. He can’t repeal the Affordable Care Act from the governor’s mansion. If that was his goal, why didn’t he run for Congress?
Today I heard an ad for Twinkle Cavanaugh slamming all things Obama, including the Affordable Care Act and environmental regulations. Is she running for Congress? For the presidency? No, she’s running for reelection as a member of the state agency that regulates utilities.
The strategy appears to be one of political misdirection. Either real obstacles (the economy) or artificial ones (low tax revenue) are preventing the various officials from succeeding in the positions to which they were elected. They figure the next best thing is to loudly debate an issue over which they have no authority. Sadly, the strategy appears to work.


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