Debate over Obamacare

Here is an email debate spurred by a column of mine that ran Sunday. In the column, I suggested the federal district court decisions ruling the insurance mandate provision in the Affordable Care Act are poorly reasoned.

Some readers were kind enough to respond. Hopefully this inquiry helped me express my thoughts more completely.

Reader: The Constitution does not give the Federal Government the authority to control Education, health care, manufacturing, climate, insurance nor manufacturing.

It is time for America’s citizens to rise up and take our nation back to the constitution.
Me: The founding fathers would have disagreed with you — John Quincy Adams signed legislation mandating that private sailors buy health insurance (“An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen”) — but these days, many agree with you.
Reader: It doesn’t matter what Adams did. The constitution gives 20 responsibilities of the Federal government and health care is not one of them. 

Beside that the socialists try to twist the constitutional amendments to suit themselves.
For example: The so-called 1st amendment separation of church and state.
That amendment meant that congress would not pass a law specifying a certain religion or division thereof as the official religion of this nation. Nothing more and nothing less.
Me: Despite Jefferson’s belief it meant separation of church and state? Despite how well the union of church and state has worked for Iran and Afghanistan? 

Someone has to apply Constitutional principles to current legislation. I understand the frustration of those who believe the judiciary is ignoring the intent of its drafters. You are actually arguing we should ignore the drafters’ intent, though. If you don’t accept the drafters’ expressions of their intent, and you don’t accept the interpretations of the Supreme Court, to whom do you believe we should delegate the task of applying Constitutional principles?

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