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Election coverage

We’ve been working hard at The Daily to provide thorough election coverage to our readers. If you remain undecided in advance of the June 1 primaries, some links to our stories are below. First, a link to the Morgan County ballots. For other counties, click here and choose.

Democratic primary ballot

Republican primary ballot

Now for our coverage. This is far from complete, biased heavily on stories I have written, including some opinion pieces. If you have questions about a race not mentioned here, I encourage you to go to The Daily and type the candidate’s name into the search bar or click on the Election 2010 graphic on the home page.

For governor:

DEM, Artur G. Davis: 1, 2

DEM, Ron Sparks: 1, 2

REP, Bradley Byrne: 1,

REP, Robert Bentley: 1

REP, Tim James: 1, 2

For 5th District of U.S. House:

DEM, Mitchell Howie: 1

DEM, David Maker: 1

DEM, Steve Raby: 1, 2, 3

DEM, Taze Shepard: 1

REP, Mo Brooks: 1

REP, Les Phillip: 1, 2

More later…


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