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Finally, Artur makes sense

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, should be Alabama’s best hope as the next governor. He is intelligent, and understands that Alabamians have been duped for decades by special interests. Too often, though, he has chosen political expediency over principle. The most glaring example was when he voted against health care reform. Whatever you think about health reform, there can be no doubt it would benefit his constituents.

So I was happy when I received a mass fund-raising e-mail from him the other day. Mostly the normal political stuff, but this was significant:

There’s us, who recognize that whatever we thought about the substance of the national debate over health care reform, that debate is settled. And there’s them, a group of 23 state senators who voted last week to allow Alabama to opt out of the law.

The ultimate question with Davis is whether he would quit pandering to the polls when he becomes governor. Those who respect his abilities but are flabbergasted by his recent alienation of populist principles are left either giving up on him, or hoping he is a Trojan Horse. Maybe the real Artur Davis is a statesman who recognizes the sad plight of most Alabamians. Maybe the real Artur Davis will show his face as governor.

I’m not big on voting for Trojan Horses, but I did get some relief from his e-mail.

Eric Fleischauer


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