A talking point on life support

Republicans politicians — and, of course, almost all politicians in Alabama — are screaming that the health care bill passed Sunday was against the will of the American people. That seems counter-intuitive, given that it provides coverage for 32 million people who do not have it and benefits hospitals — like Decatur General — who now have hope of getting paid for their services. The relevance is also questionable, given that voters regularly complain about politicians who govern by poll rather than having the courage to show leadership.

The death knell of the against-Americans’-will talking point, however, is that it appears to be false.

A USA Today/Gallup poll Monday found 49 percent of those polled said passage of the bill was a good thing, compared to 40 percent who called it a bad thing.

Don’t expect Alabama politicians to pay attention. Attorney General Troy King on Monday joined a group of AGs seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional. House members are falling over each other with promises to deny funding to the law or repeal it. Our senators promise to raise every possible roadblock when it returns to the Senate.


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