Artur Davis continues to disappoint

I wrote previously of my belief that U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, was selling out his constituents in voting against health care reform as embodied in H.B. 3962. His vote, I believe, was motivated entirely by the fact that he is running for governor. He cannot afford for his name to be in the “yes” column on health care reform and hope to capture the votes he needs to become governor.

At the time of his vote, he explained that he wanted health care reform. The Senate bill, he said, was more to his liking.

Now he has his chance. The House is voting on the Senate bill. So how is he going to vote? He announced March 10 that he will vote against it.

Davis should be Alabama’s best hope. The Harvard-educated lawyer is the most intelligent gubernatorial candidate. He is black, which I believe would be a huge benefit for the state. He is a fabulous speaker.

He represents the 7th Congressional District, which includes Wilcox, Dallas and Perry counties. They have the highest unemployment rates in the state. His district, with 19 percent unemployment, needs health care reform more than any other in the state.

Davis’s vote on H.B. 3962 and his planned vote on the Senate version of health care reform tell me that his political ambitions override his desire to do what’s best for his constituents. His constituents’ needs are at odds with his political ambition. For Artur Davis, political ambition wins out.


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