Nobel embarrassment

An Associated Press article discusses how four of the Nobel jury’s five judges spoke out Tuesday about the selection of President Barack Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize, a selection they said was both merited and unanimous.

To those who say a Nobel is too much too soon in Obama’s young presidency, “We simply disagree … He got the prize for what he has done,” committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland told The Associated Press by telephone from Strasbourg, France, where he was attending meetings of the Council of Europe.

Jagland singled out Obama’s efforts to heal the divide between the West and the Muslim world and scale down a Bush-era proposal for an anti-missile shield in Europe.

“All these things have contributed to – I wouldn’t say a safer world – but a world with less tension,” he said.

How thoroughly embarrassing for America that our hate prevents us from taking pride in Obama’s selection. We claim for America unique world status as a “Christian nation” while faulting Obama for the most Christian of impulses, a desire for peace. We also fault him for seeking to help the sick and the needy.

Why is it that we cannot quit nipping at his heels long enough to give him a chance to pull off that rarest of all accomplishments: Leadership of a strong, secure nation that adopts Christian principles. The Nobel Peace Prize gives Obama international credibility that could help him in dealing with nations populated by those who respect such principles, whether or not they are Christians. By sniping at him — by exhibiting such nasty behavior that the Nobel judges feel the need to defend him against his own country — we prove ourselves unworthy of the respect he has earned.

Obama’s credibility in the world means little if his constituents have none.


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  1. Anonymous

    you sir are an idiot.

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