In today’s Decatur Daily

My column in Sunday’s Decatur Daily is a critique of the recently popular, but misnamed, “Tea Parties.”  If you have lots of time, check out the tangled ownership mess surrounding Decatur’s very own toxic waste site: People behind DU’s toxic problem have tangled web. Enjoy!


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  1. Mark Timm

    So what’s the big deal in a name? Isn’t the statement what’s important? And, to characterize this as a simple tax protest oversimplifies the event. The left wing media is suddenly fond of creating then knocking down strawmen when discussing those they disagree with.

    The genises of these events came about after a rant on CNBC, complaining about the bailing out of people who were irresponsible with their money and their debt level with our tax dollars. It is about $700B bailouts for banks for which we don’t know where the money went and stimulas bills that spend us into oblivion but have not even been read by those voting on it. Its about the Elites, both Democrats and Republicans, that leave office after rewarding their friends and contibutors in the private sector with favors and then becoming instant millionaires upon leaving office, quid pro quo. We The People have lost control of our government, and we are saddling our children and our childrens children with an enormous debt. THAT’s what the protests on April 15th were about, who cares what they call it? They call everything from drug enforcement to football games “war” when the clearly are not, but so what? To portray these events as people simply complaining about taxes or as being too stupid to know that we have representation in governemnt is either disingenuous or sloppy journalism.

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