God and border fences

March 1, 2009 – 11:27:26
The logic of the Alabama marriage between anti-immigration sentiment, on the one hand, and love of God, on the other, seems a bit unholy on a Sunday morning. Certainly it’s a union that works for politicians in this state. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions publishes both messages with such fervor that they tend to merge as a unified platform.

Does God, though, place as much credence on man-made geographical borders as we do? Does He sanction the “we-have-ours-get-your-own” mentality that we embrace when dealing with Latinos? Does He share our belief that a Mexican is less entitled to our charity than an American?

Maybe as Christians we need to regretfully embrace a pragmatism that forces us to secure our borders from the needy masses. Whatever the source of our enthusiasm in embracing border fences and deportation, I struggle to imagine it comes from God.


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